A Fog in Santone (Henry)

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A Fog in Santone
Summary of the Short Story
Microsummary: Two terminally ill men met in a foggy city and tried to hasten their deaths by excessive drinking, but one of them found hope and a reason to live after meeting a young woman.

A young man named Goodall, suffering from the advanced stages of tuberculosis, wandered the streets of Santone on a foggy night. He had purchased morphine tablets from various drug stores, intending to end his life.

Goodall — young man from Memphis; terminally ill with tuberculosis; innocent, inexperienced.

On his way back to his room, he met a man named Hurd from Toledo, who was also suffering from a terminal illness.

Hurd — middle-aged man from Toledo; terminally ill with bronchitis; seeking a quick death through alcohol.

Hurd suggested they try to hasten their deaths by drinking heavily, and the two men went to a bar.

I never did such a thing. I was thinking of another way, but—

After some time, Hurd left to attend a party, leaving Goodall alone. Goodall continued to wander the streets and eventually entered a concert hall. There, he met a young woman named Miss Rosa, who listened to his story and tried to lift his spirits.

Miss Rosa — young woman; beautiful, tender, and compassionate; provides hope and comfort to Goodall.

She encouraged him to go home and try to get better, and they shared a farewell drink.

I never kissed a girl before, except my sisters.

As Goodall left the concert hall, he felt a renewed desire to live. Meanwhile, Miss Rosa crushed the empty morphine tablet box and threw it away, stirring something into her drink with her hatpin. The waiter noticed her actions and commented on her putting salt in her beer early in the night.